Smart and efficient traffic light control with Smart Traffic

Keeping cities accessible and moving is one of the biggest challenges road authorities face today. Urban areas contain millions of sensors, ranging from loop detectors embedded in the road to the increasing number of connected vehicles. Many of these sensors only serve one use case. With Smart Traffic we have developed software that is able to fuse all this data and use it for smart and efficient control of traffic lights.

Smart Traffic is utilizing the readily available data from loop detectors, along with new data sources like Floating Car Data. By using smart technology, such as a predictive traffic model, Smart Traffic is able to deduce detailed and predictive information regarding the traffic condition. Based on this information, Smart Traffic controls traffic lights. Sweco has developed Smart Traffic so that road authorities can optimize traffic flow, even if priorities apply for specific groups of road users, e.g. cyclists or public transport.

Predictive power

Our solution Smart Traffic has some unique predictive power. We forecast and optimize movement of individual road users rather than traffic flows. This allows Smart Traffic to plan green phases ahead upon road user arrival forecasts, resulting in optimized traffic flow. Along with this, Smart Traffic is capable of informing road users about the time-to-green and time-to-red, resulting in a higher service level towards the road user. First projects show a reduction of vehicle loss hours between 20% and 40%!

Cloud control

Smart Traffic is forecasting and controlling traffic from the cloud. One major benefit of the cloud is that high volumes of data, e.g. detection loops, weather data and Floating Car Data, can easily be combined and fused. Our internal traffic model uses the information to generate an actual representation of current traffic conditions, which enables us to accurately forecast vehicle arrival times at the intersection. Another advantage of cloud control is that it lowers hardware requirements for traffic controller systems.

Adaptable to local policy

Smart Traffic enables road authorities to translate local policy directly into the on-street traffic light control. We are able to optimize traffic based upon modality, number of stops or CO2 emissions, among many other variables. A policy change is implemented easily through a quick configuration update.

Future proof

Smart Traffic is able to cooperate with the Connected Automated Vehicles of the future. We are using standards from the automotive industry in making information available. This data is available today. We are also working on the development of the iSPaT, a further development of the Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT). iSPAT makes maximum use of the opportunities around guiding a self-driving car through the city efficiently and comfortably. Smart Traffic makes mobility in the city ready for the future!


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