Designing Satavuo School was a textbook example of our commitment to partnership. By working with Laukaa municipality, together we created a design to inspire tomorrow’s learners. By making each project exceptional, we make the day-to-day incredible.

Figuring out how to organise teaching in a rural area and get a solution that would last a century engaged the whole village. In close cooperation with all stakeholders we explored new ways of thinking and ended up in a completely new type of school.

In the Frisian Sint Annaparochie, the province, municipality and three educational institutions are joining forces. At the Middelsee Campus, 700 students are now not only educated, they are also completing an internship at the 'Leerwerkplein' and are able to transition to a job in the region. The campus provides well-trained workers for the local labor market and thus aims to strengthen the regional economy.

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Bringing two primary schools, childcare, a playgroup and the Center for Youth and Family together under one roof in a new sustainable, flexible, energy-efficient and low-maintenance building, was the objective of the municipality of Assen. A special feature of this project is the healthy indoor climate that has been chosen to be leading for the design.

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