Wuhan New Energy Center: flower-shaped energy-neutral office space

The New Energy Centre, a research institute for new sources of energy and sustainability in the Chinese city of Wuhan is innovative, artistic and guarantees zero CO2 emissions. These elements ensure the highest score on sustainability, on top of which the project is designed in the shape of a flower. In collaboration with Soeters Van Eldonk architects and the Urban Planning and Design Institute Shanghai, Sweco designed this sustainable, prize-winning office building.

The design is not only remarkable but also extremely functional. The roof of the flower consists of solar panels and the shape was designed so that during the hottest summer days, for the most part the building stands in its own shadow. Rainwater is captured in the flower chalice, and used for water supply. The edges of the chalice form an energy roof, used for heating tap water and cooling the building. The typical flower pistil consists of wind turbines. The 140 metre-high building has a floor surface of 40,000 m2.