Utrecht orbital: from A to Better on A12 and A27 motorways

The A12 and A27 motorways around Utrecht are essential for local, regional and national access. Heavy road usage and the complexity of the traffic system mean that these roads are susceptible to congestion. Many vehicles switch lanes, leading to longer delays. At the same time, these ‘lane-switching manoeuvres’ sometimes result in dangerous situations. Rijkswaterstaat is currently working on plans to improve traffic flow, road safety and (where possible) ‘quality of life’.

The underlying principles behind the plans are based on ‘disentanglement’. Each traffic flow will have its own lane, eradicating the need for vehicles to switch lanes, and the road capacity on the A27 and the parallel carriageways of the A12 will be increased. There will also be considerable focus and extra funds for limiting the impact of the roads on the surrounding environment. A broad green link will be built over the A27, linking Utrecht and the country estates to the east of the city. On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, Sweco is investigating the environmental impact, the quality of life measures and the integration of the road.

Mobility and infrastructure