The Netherlands: Northwest Europe’s gas roundabout

The international gas market is in a state of total flux; gas supplies are shrinking, demand is rising and more gas transport capacity is urgently needed. The Netherlands aims to profit from these developments. The country’s central location, its excellent network of pipelines and the geological conditions make the Netherlands the ideal location for Northwest Europe’s ‘gas roundabout’. To be prepared for this role, the Gasunie has expanded the pipeline network in the Netherlands.

Our country was already home to some 12,000 kilometres of pipelines. A further 450 kilometres of pipeline and a series of shutoff and compressor stations have now been added. A shutoff station is used to shut down a gas pipeline in the event of aboveground activities. The purpose of a compressor station is to raise the gas pressure if it falls during transport. Sweco supplied the designs for the pipeline and the stations, and was responsible for the engineering and equipment at several stations.