Monitor for Safe Use of Trunk Roads enables sound road safety policy

Every year there are numerous victims of road traffic accidents. This makes road safety policy a key spearhead for the government. Rijkswaterstaat (the Department of Transport, Pubic Works and Water Management) was keen to obtain a clear picture of for example the geographical distribution and nature of road accidents, and called upon Sweco to draw up a monitor for the Safe Use of Trunk Roads, starting in 2015. The monitor contains extensive details of road traffic accidents, and serves as the basis for drawing up an efficient policy for improving road safety.

The monitor includes details of the nature and course of events leading to accidents, the transport method, the age of the road user, the time at which the accident occurred and a series of road characteristics. Using the information from the monitor, it is for example possible to identify potentially unsafe locations, and to then come up with solutions for making those locations safer. The monitor can be easily accessed via GeoWeb, a web application developed by Sweco and Esri that places geographical data online in a user-friendly manner, that guarantees rapid online access.

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