iCentrale: better service for passengers, better performance and savings on costs

Currently, local authorities own more than 150 control centres. These control centres concern, for example, monitoring and operation of tunnels, bridges and sluices, and the execution of traffic management. The operation of the control centres, costs an estimated EUR 200 million per year. Smart integration and combining can be achieved by, for example, merging tasks of different domains or for multiple authorities and by executing tasks from so-called iCentres. As such, personnel tasks for watching over and monitoring are planned more intelligently. This reduces costs and improves performance simultaneously.

Jointly with partners Sweco develops integrated services in which private parties support governments in the operation of the control centres. These services can fully target their wishes and needs. Examples of these services are harmonized training courses for personnel or delivering of trained personnel who comply with the performance standards as desired by a governmental institution. The public-private program iCentrale is an initiative of thirteen private parties and six local authorities and is supported by the so-called Dutch program ‘Beter Benutten’ (utilize better) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management