Elfstedenhal Leeuwarden: an ice rink in the atmosphere of the Eleven Towns

Friesland is the ultimate province for ice skaters. As such, Leeuwarden deserves a high-quality ice rink. According to the municipality of Leeuwarden, the rink had to be both welcoming and reflect a unique identity, that ties in with the character of the province’s celebrated Eleven Towns skating competition (Elfstedentocht). In a remarkably short time, a welcoming 400 metre track and a unique ice hockey arena were completed in the Frisian capital city; today, both serve as a real boost to the sport of ice skating in Friesland.

The new ice rink is equipped with energy-efficient installations. Most energy is supplied by a bio CHP plant and a bio central heating boiler. The biogas is sourced from a nearby landfill site. The effect of all these sustainable measures is that the rink uses almost no natural gas while power consumption for lighting has been reduced by 50%. Sweco was involved n the plan right from the pioneering phase, and as a participant in the construction consortium Bouwcombinatie Elfstedenhal, was responsible for the installation concept, the construction design and the energy design.