City and highway of the future for Maastricht

Maastricht is currently working on a ground-breaking project: a single integrated and sustainable plan for urban development and infrastructure, to the east of the Meuse river. The aim is to improve traffic flow on the A2 motorway and accessibility to Maastricht. The plan is also aimed at improving the quality of life and road safety. By simultaneously tackling the infrastructure, new opportunities will be created for urban development.

Central Government, the Province of Limburg and the Municipalities of Maastricht and Meerssen are working together on this project, in a single organisation: the A2 Maastricht Project Office. Their aim is to develop a city and highway that remain good for future generations. Besides its integrated character, the project is also innovative in the procedure and contract management approach it employs. As in-house consultant, Sweco is involved in the tendering procedure, project management and supervision of realisation.

Mobility and infrastructure