500 metre-long production facility for offshore wind turbines

Offshore windfarms have become essential for generating sufficient renewable energy in the Netherlands, in the future. Because these farms are being installed ever further offshore, and in deeper water, the wind turbines themselves are increasing both in length and diameter. The construction of these ever larger and heavier turbines calls for adaptations to the production facilities on land. Sif Group and Sweco have together developed a new assembly hall on the Maasvlakte 2.

The 500 metre-long hall is primarily be dedicated to the construction of the so-called monopiles. These gigantic cylinders, up to 110 metres long and weighing up to 2,000 tonnes, are used to anchor the wind turbines onto the seabed. The construction hall features a harbour basin for inland shipping and travelling cranes each with a lifting capacity of 250 tonnes. The hall is surrounded by a logistic area occupying around 40 hectares, intended for the loading of the monopiles onto installation vessels. Sweco was awarded the order for the engineering, supervision of implementation and project and licencing management for the assembly hall, from initiative through to realisation.

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