Water is the most essential raw material for all processes on earth. Economic growth, urbanisation and climate change are creating major challenges worldwide, for the water sector. Working in the water sector is becoming increasingly complex. Our challenge also lies in finding sustainable and innovative solutions. Our experts offer advice, support policy and promote the establishment of new visions, as well as implementing solutions in relation to water.

  • Drinking water
  • Urban water and sewage systems
  • Wastewater technology
  • Water management
  • Water quality and ecology
  • Water safety

Water quality and ecology

Our water must be of excellent quality; it is a source for drinking water, we use it in agriculture and industry, it nourishes nature and is used for recreational purposes. The Water Framework Directive demands ever further improvement of water quality. At the same time, new substances such as residues from medicines constantly deliver new challenges. Sweco can offer specialist expertise and an integrated vision to help our clients come up with effective plans and measures.

Water Framework Directive
Programme approach to nitrogen
Restructuring, nature recovery and drought prevention
Aquatic ecology and fish migration
Swimming water quality and blue algae
Effects of new substances
Modelling for water quality and ecology