Water is the most essential raw material for all processes on earth. Economic growth, urbanisation and climate change are creating major challenges worldwide, for the water sector. Working in the water sector is becoming increasingly complex. Our challenge also lies in finding sustainable and innovative solutions. Our experts offer advice, support policy and promote the establishment of new visions, as well as implementing solutions in relation to water.

  • Drinking water
  • Urban water and sewage systems
  • Wastewater technology
  • Water management
  • Water quality and ecology
  • Water safety

Wastewater technology

We use water for drinking water production, irrigation and the manufacture of goods. This in turn generates wastewater that is processed in water treatment installations. Our experts make sure that these installations are made ever more efficient, economically viable and sustainable. We offer advice on the entire development programme for wastewater transport and treatment systems, including the production of energy and the retrieval of raw materials from wastewater. We help your installations operate at their optimum.

Variant and feasibility studies
Energy and resource optimisation
Design and supervision of implementation
Support in contract establishment
Research and development for new technologies
Education and training for operators
Installation management

Mainstream DEMON®: from conventional to energy-producing water treatment
Pearl: high-quality fertiliser from wastewater
DEMON®: low cost and more energy efficient
SHARON: compact and multifunctional