Water is the most essential raw material for all processes on earth. Economic growth, urbanisation and climate change are creating major challenges worldwide, for the water sector. Working in the water sector is becoming increasingly complex. Our challenge also lies in finding sustainable and innovative solutions. Our experts offer advice, support policy and promote the establishment of new visions, as well as implementing solutions in relation to water.

  • Drinking water
  • Urban water and sewage systems
  • Wastewater technology
  • Water management
  • Water quality and ecology
  • Water safety

Urban water and sewage systems

Almost 110,000 kilometres of sewers in the Netherlands requires efficient management. At the same time, climate change in particular in urban areas is creating huge challenges. Adaptation of the water and sewer system in urban areas is essential but sometimes extremely complex. Tackling this complex problem calls for a party with knowledge of technology and the urban planning process. Our experts use advanced tools and models to assist our clients in optimising management and the transition to a climate-proof system.

Supervising cooperation in the water chain
Climate adaptation
3D-modelling of water nuisance (flooding)
Sewer renovation and maintenance
Transport pipelines
Data management
Asset management