Mobility and infrastructure

Infrastructure and mobility are essential for a healthy economy and help broaden personal freedom. Our experts have all the skills needed for designing infrastructure and transport systems that help make people’s daily life easier. From roads and railways through to tunnels, underground trains, bridges and transport centres, we improve the accessibility of our living environment.

  • Asset management
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Mobility
  • Rail
  • Roads


The Dutch mobility network is being used very intensely. It is possible to make efficient use of the current capacity and to reduce and even prevent disruptions by means of smart traffic control and traffic flow improvement. Our experts are specialised in mobility challenges and traffic management. We devise measures for adequate and efficient traffic management and to counter the impact of congestion.

Network management
Traffic models
Data and monitoring
ITS (traffic systems and traffic control devices)
Surveys and planning studies
Mindful traffic safety design

Smart Traffic


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