Area development

The establishment of economic activity is always accompanied by questions about the optimum use of public space. Urban regions play an important role. These growth regions attract economic activity, and the layout and use of public space has to be adapted accordingly. Our experts advise on the strategy for optimum area development, so that both economy and landscape can flourish.

  • Area economy
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  • Soil and the underground environment
  • Town and Country Planning and Legal Advice
  • Process, Project and Environmental Management

Area economy: Control of financing in the project management of area development

Area development involves the handling of large budgets over long periods, sometimes more than 10 years. It means working alongside various stakeholders, all with their own roles and responsibilities. But which party is responsible for which costs? And at which moment?

What impact do the changing external factors have on your budget? And how do you as project managers responsible for construction or area development ensure that you stay within your budget limits, despite unexpected delays? And how can you build sustainably, without the costs rising out of control? Keeping control of your expenditure can be a real challenge. Sweco helps you manage that challenge.

Manageable and understandable budgeting

Our area economists help you keep overall costs under control, so that you can better monitor and manage your budget. We work alongside project developers and municipal authorities. We calculate all the costs and highlight potential risks. We also provide backup during the negotiations for establishing the operating agreement. This guarantees clarity for you, and enables you to make any necessary adjustments.

Together with you, we chart out the overall financial consequences of spatial developments, and translate the outcomes into strategic recommendations, from initiative right through to the realisation phase. This means you have a clearer picture of the viability of the developments, and of where you can achieve improvements.

As multidisciplinary area development consultants, we work together as a single team. Backed up by the expertise of our colleagues in Design, Ecology and Planning, the recommendations we issue are soundly argued from a strategic, fiscal and legal viewpoint. We clearly reveal which components in your operating budget deliver the greatest impact in the event of change, and you gain greater control over the management of the contracts, enabling you to more rapidly anticipate measures aimed at managing financial risks. As a result, you and your stakeholders are in a better position to distinguish between primary and secondary issues.

Our approach

From the initiative phase through to realisation, we enable you to manage and where necessary adjust your overall operating budget. To do this we use a selection of smart working methods and tools to generate a precise overall picture of the construction, management and maintenance costs for a development area:

  • GREX 10 – Software program for drawing up, managing, monitoring and reporting on operating budget(s)
  • Financial Risk Model – This model helps us draw up an accurate multi-criteria analysis that answers your questions such as: what degree of deviation from the budget is permitted? How great is the risk that the calculation made today will still be precisely accurate in 10 years time?
  • LocationCalc (LCC area) – Developed in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat. This tool offers policy makers, plan economists, designers, engineers and managers clear insights that allow sound decisions to be made in the initial design phase.

In our overall consultancy and supervision programme, we deliver the following components:

  • Land operation
  • Real estate operation
  • Operating plan
  • Business case
  • SSK estimates (standard system for cost estimates)
  • Project control
  • Risk management
  • Financing
  • SCBA (Social Cost-Benefit Analysis)

Down to work with Sweco

Do you want to take control of your project budget? Give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.


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