Area development

The establishment of economic activity is always accompanied by questions about the optimum use of public space. Urban regions play an important role. These growth regions attract economic activity, and the layout and use of public space has to be adapted accordingly. Our experts advise on the strategy for optimum area development, so that both economy and landscape can flourish.

  • Town and Country Planning and Legal Advice
  • Process, Project and Environmental Management

Process, Project and Environmental Management: From area development ambitions into a pleasant living environment

As a project developer or for example project manager in a municipality or at a water board, you are a rich source of ideas and ambitions. Whether you wish to create a pleasant and innovative living environment or want to innovate and ensure sustainable building development, you are fully aware of the complex nature of any such project.
There are numerous parties involved, and many of them may have opposing interests. How can you successfully bring all these stakeholders on board with your ambitions? How do you ensure that right from the start everyone receives the right or the relevant information? And how do you generate sufficient support across the board? How do you make sure that your ideas are translated into an effective project plan?
Your goal is to smoothly work through all the procedures, without the risk of forgetting any key issues. The experts at Sweco will help you make this possible.

The ideal manager for your project

In achieving your goals, you will have to juggle any number of interests. Guidance and backup for a complex project are anything but unnecessary luxuries. Sweco will act as your guide. We will supervise your project and smooth the path to the end result, without obstacles.

Because we operate nationwide, we are at home with local parties and speak the language of local governments. We can supervise the entire process, from development to transition and from idea to implementation.

As process guides, we know where specialists or technical experts are needed, as the project progresses. We at Sweco even have all these necessary experts in house, so the lines of communication are always short. We can ensure a smooth and integrated work approach in numerous fields, including:
• Water management (dyke strengthening and room for the river)
• Urban development
• Public space
• Spatial adaptation
• Town and country planning and the environment; climate adaptation, rural areas, recreation and nature, ecology and biodiversity
• Design (landscape architecture, urban architecture)

Our approach

• Process management: For quick decision making and programme development
• Project management: For viable, realistic and achievable project plans. We supervise the process to ensure successful implementation of complex tasks. The primary objective is a high-quality sustainable result, with constant monitoring of the relevant timelines; all licences are applied for in time, to avoid unnecessary interruptions to the process
• Environment management: all stakeholders are fully informed and closely involved, right from the start. This ensures active support and understanding from local residents and local businesses. We will supervise change management and help manage culture change processes in organisations.

Within our integrated approach, we provide clear spatial reasoning and make use of practical tools:
• ‘Staat van je straat’, a review tool to assess the street quality
• Charette
• ‘In My Backyard’ for an insight into local area development
LocationCalc (LCC area) – Developed in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat. This tool offers policy makers, plan economists, designers, engineers and managers clear insights that allow sound decisions to be made in the initial design phase.
ClimateApp, a useful tool for evaluating the measures to be taken to make a town or area climate-proof
• Toolbox for urban redevelopment
• Cooperation with Jads. Together we will investigate the opportunities offered by data technology for developing and designing the cities of the future.
• Process facility services

Down to work with Sweco

Do you want to know how we can help you achieve your ambitions? Give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.