Area development

Wherever economic activities occur, there is a demand for the optimum layout of public space. Urban regions play an important role in the process. These growth regions attract commercial activity and the layout of the public space has to be duly adjusted. Our experts can advise on the strategy for insuring optimum development of an area, so that both economy and landscape can flourish.

  • Urban areas
  • Rural areas
  • Industrial estates
  • Soil and the underground environment

Industrial estates

Industrial estates and office locations are the powerhouses that drive the economy; much employment in the Netherlands is based in these areas. However, many industrial estates have vacant plots, are outdated or no longer meet today’s needs. Our experts can offer specialist knowledge and process skills that will help high-quality industrial estates perform at their optimum, in line with the needs and work styles of the various target groups.

BREEAM NL Area Development
Restructuring and (urban) land reparcelling
Design and realisation
(Image) Quality and facilities


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  • Paul
    ten Kroode
    Director Urban and Regional Development
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