Area development

The establishment of economic activity is always accompanied by questions about the optimum use of public space. Urban regions play an important role. These growth regions attract economic activity, and the layout and use of public space has to be adapted accordingly. Our experts advise on the strategy for optimum area development, so that both economy and landscape can flourish.

  • Soil and the underground environment
  • Town and Country Planning and Legal Advice
  • Process, Project and Environmental Management

Soil and the underground environment

To a considerable extent, the underground environment determines the appearance and structure of our (human) living environment. Our specialists in the field of clean and contaminated soil take an all-round view of the underground environment and in that way determine what is needed to make a development or specific function possible. Our approach guarantees managed risks and the efficient implementation of urban (re)development projects and the construction of large-scale above and belowground infrastructure and nature development.

Soil investigation and remediation
Soil studies, agricultural engineering and sport
Soil policy
Underground environment management
Dumpsites and landfills
Area-specific approach


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