Area development

The establishment of economic activity is always accompanied by questions about the optimum use of public space. Urban regions play an important role. These growth regions attract economic activity, and the layout and use of public space has to be adapted accordingly. Our experts advise on the strategy for optimum area development, so that both economy and landscape can flourish.

  • Town and Country Planning and Legal Advice
  • Process, Project and Environmental Management

Town and Country Planning and Legal Advice: for the optimum route from zoning plan to finished product

In developing an area, you clearly have a vision and ambitions for the final objectives you wish to achieve. Right from the start, in drawing up the zoning plan, you face a complex process including applications for a variety of permits and licences, and the regulations your project must satisfy.

But how do you maintain a clear overall view? And how can you anticipate new environmental legislation? Do new developments offer new opportunities? Our planners and legal advisors will be your pathfinders in this process; they will help you set the course to follow and will assist you in taking the next best step for your project.

A smooth process in the face of complex spatial challenges

To bring your project to a successful conclusion, we work together to develop the ideal strategy. It all starts with preparing the zoning plan. Whether for new building or the redevelopment of housing estates and business parks, for social and public facilities, infrastructure or energy projects, the in-house specialists at Sweco will help you smoothly complete the complex process, without unnecessary obstacles.

No matter how challenging your project is, we consider the full range of environmental legislation issues involved, and the specific local considerations. In close consultation, we ensure compliance with applicable regulations and requirements and make sure that the necessary permits and licences are applied for, correctly and in good time. We carry out our studies and analyses thoroughly, taking account of their potential usability for subsequent plan phases, so that the entire planning process runs smoothly and efficiently, so you avoid unnecessary costs and plan losses.

Our approach

To ensure a smooth process, we work together in completing a series of phases that take account of the following products, planning and legal components:


  • Location scan and location comparison
  • Integrated feasibility study – town and country planning and technical and financial aspects are considered, in collaboration with our designers and area economists
  • Spatial planning strategy


  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Did you know that Sweco has fully digitalised the EIR process?
  • Free form EIR assessment
  • Investigation into environmental factors

Town and country planning & licences

  • Zoning plan
  • Spatial background plan
  • Integration plan
  • Environmental vision
  • Environmental plan or crisis and recovery act zoning plan
  • Permit management – we investigate which licences and permits are needed for your project and we guarantee timely application, in the right order.

Down to work with Sweco

Do you want to keep your pathway to the end result free from legal obstacles? Give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.