Energy is the motor that drives our society. We cannot imagine a single day without heat or electricity. At the same time, worldwide a transition is underway towards sustainable energy. It is therefore essential that the production, distribution and efficient use of energy be soundly regulated. Our experts offer advice on the entire energy supply chain and deliver solutions that help make sure that energy remains futureproof, reliable and available in sufficient quantities.

  • Bio-based economy
  • Energy generation and energy infrastructure
  • Energy management
  • ESCos
  • Offshore wind energy

Energy generation and energy infrastructure

Growth of the world economy and increased prosperity are leading to a rise in the demand for energy. However, fossil fuels are becoming exhausted and our existing energy infrastructure is outdated and unable to cope with demand. Against that background, energy generation and the energy infrastructure must be optimised and made more sustainable. Our experts can offer knowledge in the field of renewable and conventional energy and advice on energy generation, energy transport and the energy infrastructure.

Sustainable energy concepts
Energy technologies
Intelligent distribution networks
Renewable energy generation
Wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass
Energy storage, heat-cold storage