Sweco takes an additional step towards the future of transport and mobility by becoming ERTICO member


Sweco takes an additional step towards the future of transport and mobility by becoming ERTICO member

19 December 2018
Recently Sweco Netherlands joined the public private partnership ERTICO. By joining ERTICO we extend our connection to the European and international ITS developments and we have access to knowledge a large international network and the services for EU subsidy programs.

Ongoing trends in society like urbanization are putting cities in unprecedented pressure to face up to the challenges of ever changing mobility. Cities face challenges of increasing traffic congestions while business case of classical traffic management in the rural area’s becomes less interesting. Increased pollution, a more hazardous transportation system, higher economical cost and eventually discontent among citizens are only examples of the effects.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) answer these challenges. ITS is a broad area of technologies and expertise not only including information and communication technologies in vehicles and transport infrastructure, but also organizational and policy aspects.

Increasing cooperation

ERTICO is also known as ITS Europe and is an organization focusing on increasing cooperation in Europe on the field of urban development. Examples next to new technology development are new policies, cross border solutions and Traffic Management 2.0. Dr. Johanna Tzanidaki, Director Innovation & Deployment at ERTICO: “We are thrilled at the prospect of Sweco bringing in their extensive and distinguished involvement in ITS, expertise in developing software and in being part of several EU projects.”

Transport and mobility do not stop at the border of the Netherlands, neither does Sweco. The ERTICO network is an EU wide network in which the triple helix of governments, industry and knowledge institutes is well represented. Rob Althuisius, head of the mobility department: “Sweco has broad knowledge on all aspects of transport and mobility and related fields like energy, Sweco can put the EU extended knowledge directly to actual use in our daily advices on urban developments.”

ITS Europe congress

One of the activities organized by ERTICO is the ITS Europe Congress “Fulfilling its promises” in June. During this international event in Einhoven’s Evoluon Sweco will demonstrate Smart Traffic in combination with automated driving. Reserve this date in your agenda, we will be happy to meet you there.

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