Sweco Capital Consultants prepared to quantify infrastructure investments geared for social change

Sweco Capital Consultants prepared to quantify infrastructure investments geared for social change

13 November 2018
Based on investor mandate, the Capital Consultants of engineering company Sweco Netherlands has developed a methodology for better monitoring and reporting sustainable investments.

Across Europe infrastructure investors have been raising demand for better results from sustainable investments geared with environmental, social and governmental (ESG) focuses. Specifically, Dutch institutions are seeking to be at the forefront of this movement and have aligned resources to accomplishing such goals through the mobilization of long-term capital with reporting and monitoring capabilities.

As a supporter of GRESB Infrastructure and several other sustainability measurement efforts, Sweco in cooperation with local investors, universities and industry leaders has developed an impact monitoring process to better capitalize on the procurement power of investors. GRESB, an industry standard for ESG measurement and reporting has quantified the recent trend in their 2018 results, showing that European infrastructure funds have improved sustainability by 15% in 2018, a trend expected to continue.

Generally, investors drive positive change through public infrastructure projects and the results are showing. Developing impact monitoring and reporting methodologies geared for ESG, can for example better hold asset managers and operators accountable in their contributions toward climate change improvements proposed in the Paris Accord. “Infrastructure assets are by nature at the core of sustainable investing” says Cederik Engel, a Senior Infrastructure Consultants at Sweco. It became Capital consultants, which actively engage as buy-side advisors of infrastructure assets, to dedicate resources towards the improvement of monitoring and reporting of ESG impacts. “As an engineering company, our creativity for real assets combined with the capital to deliver social change is our value”, Engel continues.

Providing transparency for financial returns whether positive or negative is widely standardized and reported in most investment settings. On the contrary, the social return on investment doesn’t yet have that same level of market maturity. Sweco uniquely positioned as both a leading engineering and financial consultancy delivers on a promise to build a more sustainable future by strengthening investor confidence through such tailor-made advancements in its core monitoring and reporting services.

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