Smart Mobility for a liveable city with less CO2-pollution

Less CO2 emissions, nitrogen dioxide emissions and noise disturbance. Green living areas and places where you easily move from A to B. All these items are key for the liveability in a city or municipality. But where do you start? With Smart Mobility solutions, such as Smart Traffic you can start today. You use it to control your traffic Signals. This results in an important contribution to the reduction of CO2 and a liveable city.

This is Smart Traffic

Predictive power

Save money

Controlled from the cloud

Supporting connected journeys

Adjustable to local requirements

Future proof and prepared for the self-driving vehiciles

Sustainable mobility

Imagine that the long queues in front of red traffic signal won't exist. That drivers, cyclists and pedestrians smoothly cross each other. The city is green, safe and heathier, because less CO2-pollution and nitrogen dioxide result in clean air. Enlarging the liveability is high on the agenda in many municipalities.

But where do you start if traffic is getting busier on a daily basis? Sweco designed Smart Traffic: a predictive real-time traffic model that makes Smart Mobility a real possibility. If traffic flows well the CO2-Pollution is going down and the liveability is going up.

Smart mobility in Helmond

Smart Traffic has been successfully used in the city of Helmond. The result is 22 percent less waiting time for drivers and 20 percent less CO2 pollution. The percentages will depend on the local situation and the allocated priorities. We are able to measure the impact with a traffic simulation model. This results in a good predictive image of the traffic flows when Smart Traffic is used. All cities and municipalities can gain from sustainable solutions for a liveable city. Using smart technology can reduce the need for extra infrastructure and provide priority to specific travel modes, the result is a healthy, green and safe city.

With Smart Traffic you have software that can optimize the traffic flows in your city. With this solution you can start today!

Better traffic flow

Why is everyone waiting? Why does it take so long before I get green light? These are thoughts that all road users have every now and then. The reason is an inefficient performing traffic light.

With Smart Traffic, traffic signals are optimized in a much smarter manner as it can obtain road user information from site or available via other cloud based applications. Smart Traffic takes advance of this data and builds a comprehensive view of the competing demands. Camera footage and loop detectors in the road, together with digital journey data are used to optimize traffic with Smart Traffic. Traffic signals go to red and green depending on the traffic situation on that exact moment. By doing this waiting times on the intersection are minimalized.

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Known expertise

While Smart Traffic is implemented at various location our team is continuing the development of the software. We do this for short term and long term objectives. For example we are preparing the software for the self-driving-car.

iSPaT for the self-driving car

We do this with our iSPaT (individual SPace and Time)-concept, whereby a vehicle gets a timeslot to cross the intersection. The driver can adjust its speed prior to arriving at the traffic light. A self-driving car will in the future never face a red light! Do you want to prepare your municipality for a self-driving future? With Smart Traffic you are ready for the future!




Sweco partner in the Dutch innovation program Talking Traffic

Optimize the accessibility, traffic flow, traffic safety and liveability. Is there an city not working on this? Fifteen parties and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment work together on these solutions in Talking Traffic. The solution is to share data from apps, GPS units and traffic systems in real-time. Also Sweco is with Smart Traffic part of Talking Traffic.


Sweco winner of the Cobouw Innovation award

In January 2019 Sweco received with Smart Traffic the Cobouw Innovatieprijs during the 2019 Infratech. A perfect reward from the industry. According to the jury the solution shows how big data is making an impact to road authorities and road users.




Do you want to learn more what we can do for your city?

Feel free to contact us. We are open for discussion, able to look for a future-proof solution and together we discuss how we can use Smart Traffic for your challenge. Based on a localized plan we move to deployment of the software.

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