SHARON: compact and multifunctional

Energy efficient, cost effective, compact and easy to operate: these are the main advantages of SHARON. This water treatment technology was developed by SWECO for the processing of nitrogen-rich sludge liquors at wastewater treatment plants. The technology achieves a high removal efficiency on nitrogen, using the nitrite shunt. Equally importantly: using this system it is possible to save 25% on energy costs and 40% on carbon source.

Sweco initially developed the technology for use in wastewater treatment plants but SHARON is in fact multifunctional. The system can for example be used to clean industrial wastewater, for treating groundwater from landfill sites, for treatment of liquors from biosolids plants and for the treatment of wastewater from composting and fermentation installations. The compact design of the installation makes SHARON ideally suitable for locations with insufficient space for a conventional expansion of wastewater treatment plants, for example in densely populated areas.