Pearl: high-quality fertiliser from wastewater

Phosphate is a vital element of almost all fertilisers. Phosphate rock, the source of this nutrient, is however becoming scarce. As a consequence, social interest in recovering phosphate is growing. The recovery of phosphate from waste flows is the solution to this problem. Recovery in the form of struvite is an excellent option. Using the innovative Pearl® technology, phosphate in wastewater is precipitated and subsequently used as high-quality slow-release granular fertiliser in applications in agriculture and market gardening.

The use of the Pearl® process in wastewater treatment installations can replace supplementary chemical phosphate removal. In combination with the WASSTRIP® process, it is possible to prevent uncontrolled precipitation of struvite in and following fermentation. The process results in considerable savings in operating cost during the overall treatment process. The guaranteed sale of the artificial fertiliser granules (Crystal Green®) also provides an additional saving on the operating costs of the Pearl® installation.