Mainstream DEMON®: from conventional to energy-producing water treatment

Modern wastewater treatment plants are quite capable of perfectly treating wastewater while at the same time complying with ever stricter discharge standards. In our society, however, it is becoming increasingly important for installations to achieve optimum levels of energy efficiency and if possible to actually generate power. With this in mind, Sweco introduces Mainstream DEMON®, a further development of its already tried and tested DEMON® technology. Mainstream DEMON® is an energy efficient system for removing nitrogen from wastewater, using Anammox bacteria.

The problem using Anammox is that the bacteria grow poorly at low temperatures. In Mainstream DEMON®, Anammox grows in the warm liquor treatment plant, and is then seeded to the cold main water flow. By using sufficient Anammox in the process, a considerable saving can be achieved in power for aeration. In addition, more primary sludge is transferred to the digesters so that more biogas can be produced. The technology can be simply integrated into an existing water treatment system. Mainstream DEMON® makes it possible to achieve the transition from  conventional to energy-producing wastewater treatment.



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Infographic Mainstream DEMON